Monday, August 17, 2015


First off, I want to thank Brenda and all the amazing mentors. It takes a special person to volunteer precious time from their busy schedule to help others. You're all awesome.


A quick note about myself. My sister got me into a short story competition in 2010. I sent in the email, then found I couldn't stop writing. So I wrote a novel and felt rather proud of myself. 

Until I realized that stringing words together does not a novel make.

I found a group of awesome critique partners (I owe everything to them). Between them, and research on writing elements, I started learning the craft of writing (the learning never stops). And found my love--mysteries / thrillers with romantic sub-plots. 

With 2 teenage kids, I wrote YA. And found I loved to read YA.

Being Indian, I added Indian cultural traits. With my kids born and brought up here, I saw how they balanced cultural expectations and peer interactions. 
By critiquing my CPs' novels, I learned to write better. And, in the process, became quite obsessed with revising and editing. 

A quick note about my novel. It's a YA contemporary thriller with diverse characters and a romantic sub-plot. 

My day job, as a physician, has taught me time management. And the desire to make time for something I love.

                                        I love to write.